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Martin van Heun has >20 years experience in designing instrumentation and process automation control systems of advanced chemical process and energy systems .

Recent years Martin van Heun applied several domotics applications. As artifical intelligence (AI) is closely related to process automation, Martin van Heun studied several AI cases and applications with the help of Microsoft and Google tools.


To deliver high quality instrumentation and process automation knowledge to client , so it will be possible to built an optimal and safe controlling process from inital development stage to commissioning stage.

Martin van Heun is aimed on: consultancy, basic engineering and other services.


Martin van Hen can give advise for the following items

When designing a new process an indicatation will be given how all EIA-items must be integrated in the process. Your newly developed process or PFD (Process Flow Diagram) will be converted into a functional Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).

An indication will be given how your process can be built up by an external engineering company, machine factory or site contractor. For this several works descriptions have been developed.

The installation and commissioning works including FAT and SAT can be guided. For this several installation and commissioning documents have been developed.

Extensive experience is available of electrical safety guidelines (NEN1010, 3140, EMC), fire safety-, CE- and PED-guidelines.

Martin van Heun can develop and implement the following items:

Atex 95 / 137 explosion proof specifications by means of technical norms IEC60079-10 en NPR7910-1

SIL/SIF/PFD functional safety specifications and calculations by means of IDC (IEC61508/61511) System Reliabilty Calculator software.

EIA calculations of costs for hardware, engineering, installation and commissioning by means of DACE pricing book.

Martin van Heun can participate in the following item:

At a HAZOP-study all client’s process EIA items can be looked after and will be incorporated in a P&ID and functional description.

Extensive experience is available of energy installations (steam boilers, gas/diesel engines and steam-/gasturbines) and chemical (pilot) plants.

Nb. EIA = Electrical, Instrumentation and (proces) Automation, FAT= Factory Acceptance Test, SAT= Site Acceptance Test, DACE= Dutch Association of Cost Engineers.

Basic engineering:

Martin van Heun can develop the following items:

Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams ( P&ID)

Methodical designed control narratives which can easily be implemented by software engineers.

Installation works descriptions.

Commissioning, FAT and SAT documents.

Process automation schematics (for applying hardware), inlcuding ordering specifications.

Electrical and pneumatic consumers lists.

Single-line diagrams for LV, MV en HV electrical equipment.

Instruments and I/O lists.

Cable & Wiring lay-outs. Incl. fieldbusses and remote I/O.

Instrument datasheets. For this, many  typicals have been developed.

Technical documentation.

Martin van Heun can develop and calculate the following items with Conval software:

Flowmeters (orifice-type and venturi) according to ANSI and DIN.

Control valves according to ANSI and DIN

Martin van Heun can assess the following items:

EIA-client specifications and works descriptions.

Detail schematics deliverd by third parties (e.g. panel drawings)

For energy installations (steam boilers, gas/diesel engines and steam-/gasturbines) and chemical (pilot) plants extensive basic engineering knowledge is available. Also for packaged units, like gensets and pump units extensive knowledge is available.

Nb. EIA = Electrical, Instrumentation and (process) Automation, FAT= Factory Acceptance Test, SAT= Site Acceptance Test.

Other services:

This consists of TECHNICAL WRITING: making articles for technical magazines/reference books and making of technical documents:

Articles for technical magazines and reference books can be made for the following subjects:

New instruments technologies

Studies for new legislation like ATEX explosion proof , IEC SIL functional safety.

Product description of new automation equipment.

Also reviews for above mentioned items can be executed.

Technical documentation is an indispensable part of a product and needs to be made by a technical writer who has good knowledge of the profession and knows how to apply it. The following documenst can be made:

Process control functional descriptions and narratives.

Automated and manual control prescriptions and manuals.

Maintenance prescriptions and manuals

Above mentioned documents may apply on the following items for which many years of practical and therotical experience is available:

Energy technology , e.g. steam boilers , steam turbines, gas turbines, diesel and gas engines, heat pumps and biogas generators.

Process technology, e.g. chemical and environmental process installations.

Process automation technology, e.g. DCS and PLC hardware.

LV motor control panels, manual control panels and human machine interfaces.

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