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The new iron Curtain (book review)

I follow the author already for some years. I appreciate, especially his historical knowledge. The podcast Boekestein and De  Wijk is every day on my list. His new book, the new iron Curtain, gives an overview of Europe over the last 30 years. About Europe: that finds itself superior to the rest of the world, which is idealistic and tries to impose its democratic values to other countries. About a Europe that neglects its military built-up and finds itself confronted by power politics or realpolitik of Russia and China. A changing world order.

What I am missing in his book is the multicultural threat that Holland/Europe is facing. The changing world order by Russia and China is mainly an external threat, the multicultural threat is an external and internal threat that may also change the world order. In his podcasts this item is also skipped. Maybe it is because of the different living spaces of the author and me. The difference between a “Gutmensch” and a “realist” person that is daily confronted with an intolerant, anti-democratic, women hating, non-secular culture that would like to live according to rules that are 500 years old. A culture that is gradually getting more grip on the European society.

I also miss the current threat of autonomous artificial intelligence systems that can use neural networks to develop itself. I wrote an article on this item that you can find here.

Martin van Heun


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